Home productivity

Kryssia Borges
3 min readOct 29, 2020


You wake up. Move from the bed to the desk. Open the computer. Start working. Take a lunch break. Finish working. Go back to bed. Sound familiar?

The easy spread of Covid-19 has forced people to stay home. This means that we had to move the work environment and routine into the house. Our brains were programmed to view our house as a resting and relaxing place and the office as a working one. So it’s important for us to be gentle throughout this transition.

This is why I would like to give you some tips so that you can work from home effectively


Do you know the impact that light has on your mood and therefore productivity? There is a concept called light psychology that studies the different types of light and the effect the all have on human behavior.

Warm White light

A good example is an incandescent lamp, reddish with a little yellow. Usually this type of light creates a comfortable environment that promotes relaxation.

Cool White

It’s a natural light leaning a little towards blue. This one is perfect for office spaces since it allows you to be active without getting too much stress.

Cool DayLight

This light is known to be cold and more towards blue pigmentation. It makes you active and generates concentration, however too much of it could be stressful.


It’s very important for our brain to still recognized a resting place separate than a working space even inside the house.This we can achieve by having a designated space for each of them and never using them for the opposite action.

What I mean by this is that if your resting place is at the living room’s couch in front of the T.V., don’t also use it to finish a work project. Create a space you feel comfortable in and motivates you to get into work.


Creating daily routine is a way to be more efficient, it will reduce the time we invest planing the day and instills good habits due to repetition. It creates mental order, allow us to prioritize and even helps break the bad habits.

Besides scheduling times and activities through the day, it’s also important to create daily goals. It will promote discipline and help you achieve what’s most important.

Take breaks and be active

It’s so easy to spend 8+ hours sitting in front of the computer when you are working from home. And then you are too tired to do anything so you move into the couch. But the effects it has on your body and health are terrible.

So, please, every hour or so try to get up and at least walk in circles so your muscles expands. It doesn’t have to a long time, five minutes is enough. But you will see results on mood and overall feeling.

Be positive

Covid-19 has brought multiple reason for us to lose hope. But it’s not worth it. We are still here and can make the best out of what has been giving to us. Let’s use this situation to thrive at our jobs, learn new things, be more productive and be more active. Let’s view the pandemic as an opportunity to improve our lives. It only takes a change of mindset.