Leading towards the healthy

Kryssia Borges
3 min readOct 14, 2020


Life is the perfect opportunity to work towards our goals and achieve them. However not everyone is qualified or have enough tools to make this happen. Is so refreshing when someone comes in and redirect us when we are deviating from the right path. Leaders come in on multiple environments and for us to be good leaders there are some specific qualities to develop in order to be successful.

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”
-John F. Kennedy

Lead yourself

In order to healthily lead groups of people into success, it’s important to direct ourselves on a daily basis. Self leadership involves holding ourselves accountable and wisely making decisions that won’t only benefit us, but also others.

Self leadership is crucial because it teaches us self value. Being aware of the way we lead ourselves daily through life can and will give us an advantage by allowing us to develop empathy, build the ability to resolve issues under pressure, have finer relationships and overall getting along better with the world around us.

At the end of the day for us to make healthy and wise decisions we need to be emotionally and spiritually healthy. If we work on ourselves first, naturally we’ll end up being better leaders and better people.

Leader vs boss

There are two concepts often confused and mixed. Leadership and management.

Have you ever been at a job where your boss only tells you what to do, they don’t listen to your opinions and expect you to perfectly convey their poor ways of communication? Or instead they show empathy towards their employees, take the time to listen to your opinions, are self aware and there to help you improve?

There are some big differences between a leader and a boss. A good leader won’t do your job for you but they will make you feel accompanied throughout the whole process. Instead with a boss you are most likely to feel alone. These two concepts can totally differentiate the environment of a workplace.


Being part of a long distance relationship, one of the first lessons we learned was how to communicate well. Without good communication, our relationship would have never worked. And even to this day, almost four years later, it is something we have to be intentional about every single day. What is usually our greatest skill could totally backfire and bring us down. Same with every other relationship that we build.

People can’t read our minds. Relationships can’t be based on assumption. Communication won’t develop naturally. It takes time, but once we get there our approach to the world will be more well rounded and in good shape.


This was one of the most important and one of the hardest lessons I learned in my experiences as a leader. The main reason why we work in teams is to take advantage of everyone’s abilities. People have incredible things to bring to the table. To be able to recognize each persons strengths and weaknesses and to squeeze the good out of them is a clear sign of good leadership.

Let’s be the captain of a ship where everyone learns from everyone. One where relationships are horizontal and things are done with excellence due to great guidance. Let’s make it a reality in every aspect of our lives so we’ll thrive in each of them.

A great leader is one who ends up with nothing to do -Unknown

Leadership is a path we can use to honor and serve one another. It’s not about the flashlight or the power that comes with it. Instead, it’s about an opportunity to help people achieve things they never thought they could, and go beyond what they ever thought possible. The moment we start building leaders with that mentality, we’ll become a stronger and healthier society.