Pernix culture

Kryssia Borges
3 min readNov 13, 2020


Pernix is a software development company known for delivering exceptional work with incredible results. This is possible due to several core values that the company is driven by. These are the seven non-negotiable values from their employees that are shown in all results.

Personal Responsibility

Pernix employees are able to focus on what matters by avoiding distractions and generating results. They will take ownership for their actions and make things happen by pushing further and following up on their responsibilities.

Every individual should be autonomous and make it their responsibility to thrive while doing their work. Being proactive, humble and great at team work are also qualities of personal responsibility.


Pernix believes that for quality communication honesty is vital. In order to make good collaborations and maintain credibility, the employees are committed to always being truthful. A way to put this into practice is by being transparent and not concealing anything from each other.

Quality workmanship will be noticeable in all of Pernix’s work, which shows the high standards of professionalism that the company works under.

Technical Excellence

Pernix is able to meet deadlines while exceeding expectations even on small deliverables. They will not deliver anything less than excellent, and will have every detail taken care of.

With employees that are motivated not just by money, but by internal standards and deep care for their clients, the company thrives on client satisfaction.


This company is set on developing leaders. Pernix’s leaders are known for their empathy, hard work and excellence. A way to take advantage of the talent and multiply it is through mentorship. Every mentor offers some of their time, experience and projects to the ones who are starting in order to increase their growth.

Everyone is surrounded by incredibly talented people who are willing to help and support each other like a team.


For those who are starting their career path the company provides the opportunity of apprenticeship. This helps them grow by providing them a mentor, promoting self taught skills and participation , rewarding innovation and encouraging them to share knowledge.

The apprenticeship gives the necessary experience in a safe environment and to learn how the working place runs.


Pernix believes in the power of teamwork. They achieve it with excellence by practicing respect between employees and clients. A way to show respect to each other is by respecting their time and being punctual.

The company believes that one of the most effective leaderships is leading by example. Every employee is in charge of their actions while being aware that are people looking up to them.


Pernix has earned the trust that they have received by being vigilant on each of the values previously described and by creating a community made to build one another.

These seven values perfectly represent Pernix’s integrity. Working with them is an opportunity for incredible growth in the software development or design environment. At the end of the day, the companies that prosper are the ones you know will exceed your expectations and Pernix Solutions always will.